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Would you like to book a football trip to Celtic FC? Don’t wait any longer and discover Number 1 Football Travel's offers of football trips to Celtic FC. Find out what a football trip to Celtic FC entails, the club itself, the extraordinary Celtic Park Stadium, and what you may not miss during your football trip. Have fun!

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Celtic FC was established in 1888 in Glasgow, Scotland. The home matches take place in Celtic Park: the stadium which is called Paradise by Scots, and which refers to the old, adjacent churchyard. Celtic Park has a capacity of 60.982. The club plays in its characteristic green and white attire and has always got a great chance at winning the Scottish Premiership. Rangers FC is the biggest rival of Celtic. The matches between the clubs are referred to as The Old Firm. Celtic is amongst the first four clubs in the world which has been playing the longest on the highest level of football. The Celts haven’t won many European titles; however, they are the first and only Scottish club to have won the Europa Cup I. Whether you want to visit a match of Celtic in European competition or in Scottish competition: Number 1 Football Travel offers national, as well as international football trips to Celtic FC! Are you not able to find the Celtic football match you want to visit? Don’t be afraid to contact us because we can always arrange something for you!

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Celtic FC is one of the two most successful clubs in Scotland and has therefore few other opponents in the Scottish Premiership. Celtic has won many titles over the years because of this. They have won 52 Scottish Premiership titles so far. You’ll definitely watch a high-levelled football match when taking place on one of the 60.000 seats of Celtic Park. The Scottish fans of Celtic FC are zealous, and the ambience of the stadium is fantastic. Do you want to visit Celtic Park? Have a look at all our football trips to Celtic FC.

The Old Firm – Celtic FC – Rangers

The Old Firm might be one of the most fanatic derbies of Europe. Celtic FC and Glasgow Rangers have won all of Scotland’s titles: a match between the two clubs will absolutely be amazing, because both clubs don’t want to lose. The Old Firm retrieved its name from the good, old relationship between the clubs: the clubs used to work together to collect money for organising football matches and events. When the clubs started to grow and money began to play a big role in both clubs, the atmosphere grew grim, and Celtic and the Rangers became true rivals. That’s why The Old Firm is known to be one of the most intense derbies of the world. Do you want to visit The Old Firm? This match is extremely popular, so it’s highly recommended to buy tickets to The Old Firm as soon as the ticket sale starts.

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When you have booked a football trip to Celtic FC you should grab the chance to visit the beautiful city of Glasgow. You could visit Glasgow’s cathedral, visit the Pollok Country Park or visit the Scottish Football Museum. Here you can discover everything about how the game started and has developed over the years. The city is full of wonderful sights and they’re certainly worth visiting!

Would you like to book a football trip to Celtic FC?

Have you grown enthusiastic and do you want to know what it’s like to view a football match of Celtic FC in Glasgow’s Celtic Park? Don’t wait any longer and book your football trip to Celtic FC on Number 1 Football Travel. All our football trips are offered for the best prices and include a hotel accommodation and match ticket(s). Our hotels are of good quality and are located in the centre of Glasgow. We always try to arrange the best seats with a good view on the field and we guarantee that you’ll be seated next to each other up to three persons. Our hotels always include breakfast, in order to give you the best possible service.

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Please note that the exact times and dates of the Scottish Premiership matches are usually confirmed by the Scottish Football Association 6-8 weeks before the match. Due to European competition and live TV broadcast the time and day of the match can be changed. Therefore our package deals are mostly from Saturday till Monday to cover all possible match dates. Of course it is possible to book 1 night once the dates have been confirmed. You will recognize these confirmed matches by the orange ‘date confirmed’ sticker.

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