Liverpool – Anfield stadium

Liverpool: number 1 in the Premier League, number 1 in Europe and number 1 of the world. They haven’t won the title yet, but standing all alone at the top of the Premier League table with 25 points more than Manchester City, it does not look like they will give it away like they did last year. They have won all but one of 26 matches, the 1-1 draw against Manchester United.

Champions of Europe, Champions of the world, and soon to be champions of the Premier League. Liverpool are more popular than ever. Every home match is a complete sell out and still hundreds of fans aren’t able to visit Liverpool: Anfield is too small for the club’s popularity. Therefore, the club is planning on extending the current stadium.

The current capacity of Anfield is a mere 54,000. Plans are to extend the capacity with at least 7000 seats. With a total capacity of 61,000 it will be the third largest stadium in the Premier League, after Manchester United (76,000) and Tottenham Hotspur (62,062). The expansion will cost about £ 60 million. This also includes renovations of Anfield Road.

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